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  • What are these “field notes”, exactly?

    What are these “field notes”, exactly?

    In “Structuring my Field Notes“, I wrote: “At the end of each section I will add a chapter that contains the titular fieldnotes. I went through my personal notebooks to gather my thoughts, lessons learned, and insights from the respective time period.” I thought it might be interesting to talk about what personal notes I…

  • Structuring my Field Notes

    Structuring my Field Notes

    The upcoming book is my attempt to retell the history of the metaverse from my point of view. To do that I went over my many (!) physical notebooks and notepads, as well as my digital ones, that have accumulated over the years. Luckily, I am bad at throwing these things away. I also have…

  • Let’s get started (again)!

    Let’s get started (again)!

    When I began writing the original Field Notes from the Metaverse, I thought it would just be a few articles, maybe five or so, that went into some of the history of the metaverse and virtual worlds. Document a couple of milestones, explain a few concepts, wrap it all up with a model, done. And…