“Field Notes from the Metaverse” will be a book that documents the history, perspectives, and narratives of the metaverse. This blog documents the writing of the book, provides additional context & materials, and allows you to add your own voice.

Field notes weekly #13

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This is a weekly update on my progress to document the history, perspectives, and narratives of the metaverse.

Current book word count: 90,770


I wanted to work on other things, but somehow I felt like doing the chapter around the crypto casino. And I’m glad I did because it really helped me draw a clear line between the casino side of crypto, and the original aspirations and visions around cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, and Web3. It now feels like they go together, so that people can relate to the complicated, sometimes symbiotic, sometimes opposed relationships between groups in the cryptocurrency space.

I am currently finalizing the chapter about Project Entropia, adding the finishing touches based on snippets from the recent interview (see below).

After that I would really like to go back to the field notes chapters. I have been shuffling them around quite a lot, making sure that the talking points match the surrounding milestone chapters, but now I need to add the respective content.


I can finally talk a little bit about one of the recent interviews. I had the pleasure to talk to Jon “NEVERDIE” Jacobs about his time playing Project Entropia, owning his own planet in Entropia Universe, and being the “First President of Virtual Reality.” As usual, it will take a while to finalize the transcript.

Up next more interviews around managing virtual world economies and communities.